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Join in:The BIG Printmas 2022 competition!

Printmas Solutions

What do angry rodents send to each other at Christmas?

Cross-mouse cards!

As he is such a busy fellow at this time of year, Solutions is helping Father Christmas to spread the cheer of the season once again, and say a merry thank you to you dear readers, with our annual Big Printmas competition.

Here, you have the opportunity to win some great prizes from some truly wonderful graphics arts companies. Enter one or enter them all – in each case simply go to the stated website, find the answer to the question, and send it to us via e-mail to, and all correct entries will be entered into a draw for that particular prize. Importantly, don’t forget to include your full contact details (we can’t send prizes if we don’t have your address) and the competition you are entering.

Good luck one and all, and a merry ho, ho, ho!

To enter:

1. Take a look on the following pages, or go to the dedicated website page at

2. Find the answer to the question allotted to each prize. You will be able to find the answer/s on the corresponding web page as shown.

3. Send you answers to

4. You can enter one – or enter them all.

5. All entries will be placed into a prize draw for that question.

6. Good luck, and season’s greetings!

Winners will be announced soon.


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