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Kingsmoor Packaging invests in apprentices

Packaging Solutions

Somerset based Kingsmoor Packaging has recruited three apprentices to its manufacturing site, as part of its new apprenticeship scheme. Enrolled at nearby Strode College, all three have started four year apprenticeships incorporating formal academic training in their chosen fields.

Both Chloe Lyons and Jack Crowther have joined the company as apprentice design engineers, and Ethan Morgan as an apprentice tool setter. As well as learning the skills required to perform their key roles in the area of their work, they will also be given a good level of understanding of all aspects of the business. With the aim being to better improve their overall knowledge and appreciation of the implications of their role in the wider business, they will gain experience in quality control, toolmaking, product design, sample pulling, packing and tool setting.

Throughout the scheme, the apprentices will have their day to day progress monitored and reviewed every three months by Kingsmoor Packaging to ensure that the programme continues to meet the needs of the individuals and of the business.

‘KPL has always been highly supportive of apprenticeship schemes and we currently have two fully skilled members of the team that have gone through the process,’ said Kingsmoor Packaging’s managing director, James Hill. ‘Our design engineer, Dan Glover, who finished his apprenticeship last year, managed to achieve a finalist place at the Somerset Apprenticeship awards back in 2018. Strode College has been proactive in working with us to select those apprentices best suited to the roles on offer. The result being a more tailored programme than we have had previously.’


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