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KM PKG-675i provides Dairi-Pak Ltd with packaging on-demand

Packaging Solutions

Leading bespoke packaging specialist Dairi-Pak has become the first UK customer to use the new Konica Minolta PKG-675i corrugated packaging printer. The PKG-675i marks a landmark first for Dairi-Pak as it moves to digital printing for its packaging on-demand requirements.

Launched earlier this year, the PKG-675i is a water based digital inkjet printer that opens doors to short run and personalised corrugated and folding carton packaging, helping serve fast growing sectors such as e-commerce. This flexibility for packaging on-demand production was one of the key drivers for Dairi-Pak in choosing a digital inkjet upgrade.

Changing consumer behaviour, specifically the staggering increase in online purchasing, has prompted us to invest in a digital printer to enable our customers to enhance the ‘unboxing experience’, particularly for their clients who are receiving their products in the post or via courier,’ explained Tim Gray, managing director of Dairi-Pak. ‘Many of our customers are demanding messaging and strong branding on the inside of postal packs, whilst leaving the outside of the pack anonymously plain. This is particularly important to those customers shipping high value items where the potential for theft is a concern, but the perception of quality is important.’

The PKG-675i is perfectly suited for producing short run and personalised corrugated boards and folding cartons, flat or pre die cut, quickly and economically. This was crucial in the decision process for Dairi-Pak as Tim elaborated, ‘This makes true personalisation possible; making each consumer/customer feel very special – either by the use of their name or a marketing message that is personal (or pertinent) to them. You can use a standard size box for different products (or different specs and colours of the same product) using multiple print styles within the production run, which is a game changer.’

For Dairi-Pak this enables short run batches of boxes with full colour, high definition print without the ‘on cost’ of printing plates or stereos. In the past, the cost of these would often make the print run unviable or severely limit the demand for these printed short runs. Taking this idea to its conclusion, the company can now produce a practical and affordable single printed sample or prototype to sell the idea to prospective customers, prove a concept, or present it for approval prior to manufacturing a print run.

Tim added, ‘Many box makers insist on a minimum run of 1000 or more if the customer wants the box printed, so digital print definitely has a sweet spot – from a single box to perhaps 500 boxes, digital can be very cost effective.’

Thanks to the packaging on-demand abilities of its new PKG-675i, rather than having to use a plain box to ship smaller quantities, Dairi-Pak’s customers now have a variety of options. This includes inside or outside print (or both), and full colour high definition print of a product or customer specific image – all with as much or as little print as required, with quantities down to a single box.

Tim concluded, ‘We will be working closely with our customers to explore how our new digital print capabilities can improve, enhance and extend their presence in their traditional or new markets.’


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