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Koehler Paper enters into partnership with Clarus Films

Packaging Solutions

Koehler Paper has announced that it will be working together with Clarus Films GmbH in the small roll business and as a service partner for the converting industry for flexible packaging papers Europe wide. This partnership will play out in the area of functionally coated, unprinted barrier paper.

Clarus Films focuses on sustainable packaging solutions for years now. Solutions such as recyclable mono-material films, PCR (post consumer recycled material), and compostable films have all played an important role in these efforts in the past. In the future, however, flexible paper solutions will be playing a large role, and Clarus believes it is its responsibility to help speed up this trend of bringing sustainable paper solutions to the market.

The two companies are linked not only by their location in Germany, but also in terms of how both have made it their mission to provide their customers with top quality solutions. This partnership combines the know how from the traditional world of paper with the know how from the flexible packaging market. Clarus CEO Norman Thom said, ‘For us, this partnership means that we will be expanding our range of products significantly, which should enable us to meet the heavy demand for functional paper with corresponding barrier properties.’

The strategic partnership will enable Koehler Paper to tap into an additional market that is being developed with partners like Clarus. Eckhard Kallies, head of flexible packaging paper at Koehler, said: ‘The trend towards sustainable packaging continues at breakneck speed. Now, our functional Koehler NexPlus barrier papers are traditionally printed before being processed into flexible packaging for products such as food, but in Clarus, one of the biggest independent European ‘value added resellers’ in the area of packaging films, we have now found a partner with which we can tap into the market for unprinted packaging.’

For customers, this means that they will now be able to benefit from the expertise of two experts in the industry, as well as from an optimised supply chain.

Koehler NexPlus meets the rapidly growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions. This is a series of barrier coated paper products with various functions. In particular, these include barriers for odours, grease, mineral oil, water vapour, and gases, and together with the paper’s inherent characteristics, such as high strength properties and a natural feel, result in a strong overall solution. The paper really delivers in terms of the primary purposes of packaging: to protect the contents and their surroundings as well as provide excellent processing properties.


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