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Konica Minolta launches EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform

Print Solutions

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd has announced the launch of its cloud based, multi-tenant software as a service printing solution: EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP). With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic acting as a catalyst for cloud deployment in order to enable hybrid work environments, one topic that is still often neglected when it comes to cloud is print services – which is why Konica Minolta has introduced EveryonePrint HCP.

EveryonePrint HCP gives organisations a choice: if they opt for a public cloud environment, it hosts their print environment for them in a UK data centre. If they prefer to use a private cloud, the customer manages the print environment in their own data centre, but still benefits from the intrinsic advantages of a cloud based print infrastructure.

Thanks to EveryonePrint HCP, organisations are freed from the burden of managing their print infrastructure. Their print servers, printer drivers and licenses are managed and supported for them, including setting up new printers and the print queues for each site. Konica Minolta IWS technology means there is no need for local infrastructure at the customer's premises. Customers only need Internet access – a VPN is not required.

If customers choose to manage the print environment using their private cloud, this also requires minimal effort. It takes less than ten minutes to create a customer specific print environment on the EveryonePrint HCP multi-tenant platform to replace existing Windows and Mac based print infrastructure. Only one web administration interface and one printer driver are required. This allows customers to easily configure and manage all printers, locations, user credentials, access control, usage consumption, reports and much more.

Customers who opt to use the public cloud and hosting by EveryonePrint HCP, no longer need their own print servers, eliminating the associated acquisition and maintenance costs.

For all customers, the costs associated with the acquisition, administration, service, maintenance and support of the EveryonePrint HCP application itself are also eliminated due to a monthly use based subscription model. Customers only pay for the licences they need and, if requirements increase or decrease, the solution can be easily scaled up or down. The monthly billing model also guarantees a better overview and predictability for print costs.

End users can access printing services from any device without having to install devices or drivers. Jobs are sent to a single global print queue, allowing the user to print their documents immediately, wherever they are. Users can authenticate themselves at the device via an iOS or Android application, IP card reader, QR code, or guest print. This means printouts are not left in printer trays and are protected from unauthorised access.

Customers who opt for a public cloud hosted solution can rest assured that their data is handled in line with the highest possible security standards. Data is hosted by EveryonePrint in an AWS data centre in the UK, which is certified to ISO 27001, and is encrypted whist in transit and when at rest. For additional piece of mind, the solution has been penetration tested via NCSC approved CHECK providers to ensure data security. All customer data is also reliably protected with continuous back ups.


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