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Kyocera Document Solutions UK launches new Cloud Print and Scan solution

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Kyocera Document Solutions UK has announced the launch of Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan (KCPS). The solution will empower agile workplaces and hybrid workers to print from multiple locations using Kyocera’s ‘Print&Follow’ software and scan directly to the cloud, enabling organisations to remove the costs and labour needed to manage on-premise print servers.

The shift to hybrid working has meant employees are often spread across a number of different locations, which has increased general costs including printing while also increasing security risks. KCPS gives organisations operational control over the accessibility and features of their print and scan environment, while overseeing printing costs through centralised management. Furthermore, when it comes to increased document security, KCPS provides the perfect cloud-based solution for the modern business.

Graham Foxwell, product marketing manager, said: ‘In this new age of the agile and hybrid workplace, there is a need for cloud based printing and scanning that is not only cost effective, but flexible, secure and accessible across the enterprise. As offices are becoming increasingly decentralised, there is a growing need for print infrastructure which supports employees in handling document tasks from different locations.

‘Businesses can now confidently move all of their scanning and printing into the cloud and no longer have to worry about hardware, software, secure access, backups, virus control, updates/upgrades, resilient failover and even floor space.

‘Hybrid working has now been accepted by many organisations as a matter of course, so new services and products are needed in the market to help businesses adjust. Our Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan solution aims to fill this gap, helping customers approach the future of print with confidence.’


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