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MacroArt embarks on inspiring partnership with Inspire 2 Ignite

Print Solutions

Aiming to empower young people and foster their potential through unique opportunities and experiences within the print industry MacroArt has partnered with local non profit organisation Inspire 2 Ignite.


Focusing on bridging the gap for NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) youths in the UK, the partnership aims to address societal challenges by providing access to career pathways in the print industry. Inspire 2 Ignite’s organic referral programme places young people in industries best suited to their interests and skill sets.


MacroArt will provide mentoring, workshops, and guidance to individuals identified through the programme, aiming to enrich their experiences and pave the way for future success.


‘At MacroArt, we have always believed in nurturing talent and offering opportunities to young people,’ said Lee Garnett, continuous improvement manager. ‘Partnering with Inspire 2 Ignite was a natural fit for us, aligning with our commitment to support young people in our community and open doors to the print industry.’


Inspire 2 Ignite was founded by Alex Hughes, who overcame his personal struggles to provide a platform to support marginalised individuals. Using career fairs, the organisation hosts immersive 'Curious Corners' which engage young minds through interactive elements such as DJ decks and thought provoking activities. Indeed, it was this engaging approach which sparked MacroArt’s interest in Inspire 2 Ignite.


Inspire 2 Ignite now boasts 27 champions, including three from MacroArt, across 22 partners, as part of its network.


Alex and CEO Sam Squire will be attending MacroArt’s St Neots headquarters to talk to people across all levels of the business, including its Early Career's Ambassador team. The goal is to inspire and recruit even more champions who resonate with the business’s ethos and values, promoting a supportive environment for their growth.


Sam Squire, CEO at Inspire 2 Ignite, said: ‘We are extremely excited about Inspire 2 Ignite and MacroArt aligning. It works with some of the biggest brands in the world and have incredible humans who care in their team. I have had the privilege of listening to how its culture has helped young people excel from alternative pathways and I believe it is an ideal organisation to organically refer young people from the community to.’



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