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Macroart’s graphics installation brings science museum Covid exhibition to life

Wide Format Solutions

MacroArt has successfully installed a large scale interactive exhibition for the London Science Museum, showcasing the ‘behind the scenes’ scientific process involved in the development of the Covid vaccine.

The year long exhibition, Injecting Hope, plans to go subsequently on tour to Manchester and Glasgow Science Museums and other venues in 2023 and 2024, and celebrates the extraordinary work of scientists in finding effective vaccines to tackle the recent pandemic.

Working with existing client and principal contractor for the Science Museum Group (SMG), Central Leisure Developments, the team at MacroArt undertook all the graphic printing onto a wide range of substrates and assisted in the final installation process.

From designs supplied by SMG, MacroArt produced over 250 different graphical elements, comprising more than 175 m2 of print, across media including birch ply, MDF, Foamex, Duratrans, frosted/antiglare/clear acrylic, and conservation grade paper.

Working to exacting deadlines, the team proofed and printed all elements of the exhibition in under two weeks, in readiness for Central Leisure to install them.

As part of the production process, MacroArt’s project managers Dave Shannessy and Jade Pickard were on hand to offer additional technical help and services and to ensure the project went smoothly. This even included advice on specialist mirrored screw fixings for some of the panels alongside providing additional onsite installation support.

Kenny Foot, SMG’s graphic lead, was delighted with the support he received, saying: ‘I am incredibly grateful for the team at MacroArt’s flexibility and responsiveness throughout and thank everyone involved for their extraordinary effort in getting this project over the line.’

Dave Shannessy added, ‘Once again, our amazing production team stepped up to the mark in delivering this diverse, challenging and important project, and we are delighted that we met the client’s requirements on time and to such a high standard.’


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