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‘Magical Merriment’ in Mount Street Printers’ Christmas window

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Titled ‘Magical Merriment’, the window display at Mount Street Printers is a celebration of paper and the Christmas tradition of sending cards.

The display was designed and produced by Joyanne Horscroft of Makerie Studio, whose clients include Harrods, Gucci and Fabergé among many other prestigious names. It features a variety of coloured and tactile papers from the recently relaunched Keaykolour and Curious ranges, which are part of a portfolio of premium creative paper brands from Antalis.

Central to the installation is a red postbox made from three shades of Keaykolour papers in 300 g/m2 – Guardsman Red, Prune and Carmine. Beside the postbox sit a model of Huxley, Mount Street Printers’ resident whippet, and a robin watching a flurry of Christmas cards fly into the postbox, both of which are artistically made from Keaykolour Biscuit and shimmering Curious Metalllics Super Gold.

Alex Cain of Mount Street Printers commented, ‘Our window for this year is imagined beyond the sentiment of gifts and decorations. The intangible yet essential warmth in receiving a thoughtful and timely Christmas card, sharing your conjured festive spirit and spreading it with those you love.’

Sales manager for Creative Papers at Antalis, Vicky Weatherington, commented: ‘It has been a joy to once again work with Mount Street Printers and Makerie Studio to develop yet another stunning and impactful Christmas window display with meaning. Antalis is all about celebrating the creative community and supporting the print industry – and this is a wonderful example of that.’

The installation can be seen in the window of Mount Street Printers, 4 Mount Street, London, from now until 5 January 2024.

To spread your own magical merriment, Mount Street Printers’ Christmas card collection is available to buy here.


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