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Mail response and attention continue on an upward trajectory in Q1 2024

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The latest quarterly results from JICMAIL reveal that 6% of mail (including direct mail, business mail, partially addressed mail and door drops) prompted a purchase in Q1 2024, while the average amount of time spent with a piece of direct mail across 28 days climbed to 134 seconds.


JICMAIL - The Joint Industry Currency for Mail – has revealed that while the UK economy grappled with the recovery from a technical recession, those advertisers who maintained their confidence in the mail channel were rewarded with 43% year on year growth in purchases driven by mail.


Some 6% of mail prompted a purchase in Q1 2024 ­– up from 4.2% in Q1 2023. These purchases relate to truly omni-channel customer behaviour with 46% of them fulfilled online and 32% in store. In total, 38% of the visits to advertiser websites prompted by mail converted into online purchases.


However, the latest results from JICMAIL not only confirm mail’s role in helping businesses hit their short term sales targets, but they also highlight mail’s role in delivering upper funnel key product indicators. Reach, frequency and now attention are the cornerstones of brand campaign planning, enabling marketers to plan for maximum opportunity to see and advertising engagement. With mail frequency of interaction up year on year for direct mail, door drops and partially addressed mail (PAM), mail generated more ad impressions in Q1 2024 than a year ago.


Mail attention is more important than ever in an era of heightened digital ad fraud. With the average piece of direct mail generating 134 seconds of attention across all household members in a 28 day period, and the average door drop 55 seconds, mail is a highly attention efficient channel.


The amount of mail being filed away in the home reached a three year high in Q1 2024. One fifth of mail is now being actively retained in the home by being filed away by consumers, including financial statements, notifications and reminders and special offers. The willingness of consumers to retain physical marketing messages in an era of cross-platform ad saturation is a vital opportunity for marketers to capitalise upon.


Ian Gibbs, JICMAIL, director of data leadership and learning, said: ‘Mail has continued to prove its impact at the sharp end of the consumer purchase funnel in Q1. Despite Google once again delaying the death of third party cookies, savvy marketers will be adapting their measurement efforts to reduce reliance on last click attribution models and instead move towards full effect measurement techniques. The JICMAIL panel now reports on a range of omni-channel purchase actions, painting a fuller, more accurate picture of mail effectiveness.’



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