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Manufacturing sector needs to take action to fight climate change

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UK net zero business champion Andrew Griffith MP has written to organisations in the manufacturing sector about steps they can take to fight climate change.

The letter asks organisations in the manufacturing sector to make a formal commitment to net zero as part of the Together For Our Planet Business Climate Leaders campaign.

It states: 'As recognised in the recent MakeUK report 'Demystifying Net Zero', the manufacturing sector is a key part of our economy and has an important role to play in making a net zero commitment. Working with us, you have been inspiring manufacturing businesses to take action, and I am keen this continue. With fewer than 100 days to go until COP26, this can include encouraging more businesses in industries like yours to sign up to our campaign. Making greener choices now can mean savings on running costs, and also show customers the manufacturing sector continues to be serious about sustainability.

'To help businesses to do that the government, working with industry experts, have developed new advice bespoke to the manufacturing sector, to help you as you continue supporting your members to play their vital role in cutting the UK’s carbon emissions.'

The letter encourages organisations to read the UK Business Climate Hub for guidance on how they can fight climate change.

You can see the full letter here


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