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Mark Andy and Rotometal forge strategic partnership to advance tooling innovation

Packaging Solutions

Mark Andy has announced that Rotometal, a European provider of advanced rotary tooling solutions, is now an approved supplier.

Mark Andy has worked closely with Rotometal to offer a new Composite Print Cylinder Sleeve crafted from the highest quality epoxy resin to offer exceptional thermal resistance and dimensional stability.

​​​​​​Duane Pekar, CEO of Mark Andy, commented: ‘Rotometal as an approved supplier is not just about expanding our toolkit – it is about strategically enhancing our technological offerings to better serve our customers.’

​​​​​​Grzegorz Dołbniak, CEO of Rotometal, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: ‘We are excited to partner with a global leader like Mark Andy. This partnership is a testament to our growth and the unique value we bring to the table with our technology. Together, we are poised to make significant advancements in the industry, benefiting customers worldwide.’


Rotometal CEO  Grzegorz Dołbniak and Mark Andy CEO Duane Pekar.



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