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Mark Andy introduces ProWorx Label Suite

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To meet the needs of an increasing number of hybrid press users, Mark Andy has created its own imposition tool called ProWorx Label Suite. This new software streamlines and automates label production set up, including in line printing and embellishment processes. ProWorx Label Suite is an Adobe Creative Cloud extension tailored to Mark Andy’s hybrid presses. It provides job defining and imposition for printing and post-processing, including die cutting, and allows for more efficient and sustainable label production.

‘ProWorx Label Suite is another software solution in our portfolio, following the recently launched smart Link – a real time, on-press data collection and press monitoring system for narrow web devices,’ said Ben Richardson, senior DFE specialist at Mark Andy. ‘It is Mark Andy’s response to customer feedback on their requirements and expectations. It is designed to complement our top class hybrid technology and offer converters an advanced software solution that brings efficiency and sustainability to the entire manufacturing process.’

As an Adobe Creative Cloud plugin, pre-press operators can download and begin working with ProWorx straight away in a software environment that they are already familiar with. Training is provided via self paced guides available on, or via a remote session with one of the company’s pre-press experts. And, because it is a 100% proprietary solution, it is tailored to the specifics of the company’s hybrid presses, as well as the different types of job that converters produce. ‘Mark Andy has continually expanded its portfolio of hybrid presses, based on inkjet and toner technology,’ added Ben, ‘which offers numerous options in terms of digital printing and conventional embellishment. Hybrid label production brings a layer of complexity to the production process that is combined with the need to make the best return on digital press investment. ProWorx Label Suite was created specifically to assist our customers to leverage the advantages of digital hybrid technology, whilst maintaining a high level of job throughput and accuracy.’ The new label suite is equipped with an intuitive panel space to design, calculate, and record step and repeat data for semi rotary and full rotary die cutting. It saves and recalls imposition template files as well as exporting XML data for use in a pre-press automation system. The primary function is the creation of an automatic imposition grid with direct control of PDF layers for separation to die and flexo plates. Independent control of individual label lanes makes ProWorx Imposition perfect for multi stock keeping unit gang printing, while Data Merge Assistant features provide support for variable data printing.

‘We invite all our hybrid customers who wish to streamline and automate their production to visit the Adobe Exchange website. ProWorx Label Suite provides the highest level of step and repeat automation outside of the expensive server based systems and is the perfect way to increase the efficiency and eco friendliness of label production. At Mark Andy we are helping customers with their digital transformation journey, not just with our hybrid press equipment, but with its supporting software as well,’ Ben concluded. ProWorx Label Suite is compatible with Mac and Windows PC environment, but as an Adobe plugin, it does require an active subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. It can be downloaded from Adobe’s website ( Minimum requirements can be found at


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