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Markzware desktop publishing recovery service is in high demand

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Markzware continues to come to the rescue with its DTP File Recovery Service. The company provides a desktop publishing (DTP) file recovery service for bad or corrupt Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and PDF files. Nothing is worse than when a graphic designer or pre-press operator receives an unexpected error. These alerts may include error code 4, 5, 6, database error, bad file format -39, or cannot open file, to name a few. Markzware’s recovery service will help to take the feeling of hopelessness away. Mary Gay Pettit, director of public relations at Markzware, said: ‘This is an amazing service that we provide to everyone in the graphic arts – far and wide. When these errors show up, it is always so thrilling to let customers know that we can lend a helping hand. ‘The success rate is very high, and this service has literally saved people’s employment. Adobe’s InDesign document recovery feature is simply unable to fix these crashed and corrupted files that cannot be recovered, which often produces a sense of desperation. We are overjoyed that we can, more often than not, provide a successful solution to save the day.’ The Markzware DTP File Recovery Service offers a variety of affordable fees, based on the file size. Once the fee is paid, we can go to work and fix the file, saving hours of countless reworking.

Nicole Shores, senior creative manager — design and digital, Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus Pine Council was excited to share her experience with a corrupt InDesign file: ‘After hours of searching the Internet trying to find a solution to fix my file, and after several of these sites pointed me to Markzware, I took the plunge and decided to give it a try! The company was able to save the 40 page magazine I had spent hours and hours on. It saved me, and I couldn’t be more grateful. In the event of another damaged file, Markzware will be my first stop.’ Charlie Hagan, another Markzware customer, said: ‘A big thank you to Markzware for providing this service. If this company did not exist, I would have lost an entire product catalogue. Thankfully the team managed to fix the file with only a few minor errors – a file which Adobe deemed ‘unrepairable’ after having sent it to them first to try and fix. Also, the process was very quick.’ The Desktop Publishing DTP File Recovery Service requires a small in-take fee. You only pay beyond that, if Markzware can fix your file.

This service is available, through the DTP File Recovery Service page, on the Markzware website. The Markzware standalone application IDMarkz can also often fix corrupt InDesign files. It is also a handy InDesign preview, export and conversion application.


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