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Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee partners with Graphic Packaging International to launch sustainable paperboard canister

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Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee has invested in new production capability to provide a new, more sustainable packaging option for coffee formats.


The Boardio paperboard canister, provided by Graphic Packaging International, provides an alternative to plastic, glass, and metal containers and delivers the same level of freshness and food safety with less waste.


Recent research shows consumers want packaging that is better for the environment, and many are willing to pay more for it. The consumers surveyed preferred Boardio packaging over current can and bag options that dominate today’s retail coffee market.


The new packaging delivers on sustainability, with:

  • Increased transportation efficiency, as Boardio is delivered flat. Just three trucks are required for inbound packaging versus 56 for preformed cans.

  • A minimum of 50% less plastic versus Mother Parkers' previous bag format.

  • A minimum of 80% paperboard, that is FSC certified.

  • Boardio also carries the How2Recycle ‘widely accepted’ certification.


‘Our new packaging solution is a win for the planet, for our customers and their consumers,’ said Kim Cunningham, Mother Parkers’ chief commercial officer. ‘It offers a recyclable packaging option with less plastic, without sacrificing any of the freshness, consistency, or quality that Mother Parkers produced coffee is known for. For retailers with private label coffee programmes, it is a way to show innovation, gain share, and drive shelf and transportation efficiencies, all while supporting their sustainability objectives.’


The new packaging is the result of a partnership between Mother Parkers and Graphic Packaging to create a recyclable paperboard canister specifically tailored for coffee using Graphic Packaging’s Boardio technology.


‘We are committed to innovation, sustainability, and meeting the rapidly evolving demands of consumers,’ said Johan Werme, Graphic Packaging’s head of sales for paperboard canister solutions. ‘By helping Mother Parkers to transition from plastic into Boardio, we are helping it make a world of difference to their customers, consumers – and to our planet.’


Mother Parkers will begin packing roast and ground coffee in Boardio from its Fort Worth, Texas facility in late 2024.





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