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Moulton Printing invests in UK’s First Horizon Ice StitchLiner Mark IV

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Moulton Printing is stepping into a new era of production with the UK’s first Horizon Ice StitchLiner Mark IV next generation saddlestitching system from IFS.


The newest evolution of StitchLiner technology incorporates Horizon’s cloud based Ice Link workflow as standard will enable the Blackpool commercial printer to expand its service offering and develop its online service delivery.


Established in 1927, the operation produces a wide range of printed materials, particularly magazines and monthly publications, on Sakurai B2 five colour and Sakurai SRA2 two colour litho presses as well as two Konica Minolta digital presses and an Indigo 5000.


Cassie Moulton, third generation of Moulton Printing, explained: ‘We have been wanting to expand our online services but were concerned about managing any bottlenecks. We didn’t want to open the floodgates, in terms of orders, and potentially struggle capacity wise. The new StitchLiner has made this a real possibility.’


She continued, ‘It has made a significant difference to productivity already. The make ready is really quick and the interface is very user friendly. The whole process, from installation through to day to day operating has been much more straight forward than I was anticipating. It also gives us much more flexibility in terms of our product offering as it enables us to do sizes we have not been able to do before mechanically such as A4 landscape, A6 and DL. Taking all this into consideration, as well as the increase in speed, we are really flying through the production of our books.’


Other systems were considered before the decision on the investment was made. Cassie said, ‘We had a very old Bourg Modulen beforehand and we wanted a like for like replacement. However, we are starting to run out of floor space in our facility so the compact size of the StitchLiner was very appealing. Similar models to the StitchLiner only offered towers with narrow bed capacity and we need beds that can hold a substantial number of sheets. However, Horizon offers a deeper bed solution on its towers, as well as the ability to do A4 landscape. We chose three towers for 72 page jobs but we hope to add another in the future. We now know we can comfortably meet demand.’




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