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New adhesive for biodegradable label stock

Label Solutions

Labels that are suitable for composting are in greater demand than ever before and no longer present a major technical challenge, but Herma has additionally developed a way of combining compostability with other coveted properties.

A new adhesive, 62E ,is not only ideal for composting, but also especially insusceptible to migration. It has been approved for contact with dry, moist and fatty foodstuffs (correction factor 2). Given its high adhesion values even on rough, uneven surfaces, the 62E variant is an ideal choice for labels that are to be applied to fruit. Apart from being compostable themselves, labels produced from materials coated with the new adhesive can allow all of a product’s packaging, consisting of paper or board for example, to be composted. Its low application weight also makes certain of reliable processing and trouble free converting.

In combination with two specific label materials, Herma adhesive 62E – like the compostable 62N – is allowed to carry the seedling logo according to the EN 13432 standard. This standard is the internationally recognised benchmark for the industrial compostability of biodegradable products. The two label materials certified in combination with these adhesives are Hermaextracoat (grade 242) and Hermatherm Bio phenol free (grade 909).

Hermaextracoat is a white adhesive label paper that is semi-gloss coated on one side and produced from FSC Mix Credit materials. It is suitable for creating visually appealing, multicolour labels printed by any of the classic methods. Even though it is compostable, material manufactured with this paper can be printed to the same high standard, and is just as easy to cut, as conventional label stock.

Hermatherm Bio phenol free (grade 909) is a white thermal paper without a protective surface coating – an economy grade. It is ideal for use in the weighing sections of food packaging lines; it produces very good results when printed with EAN barcodes and other code systems.

The industrial composting certificates were issued by Din Certco in each case, which is currently also certifying compliance with the home composting standard NF T51-800. It verifies that the labels concerned can be added to garden compost after use. Herma expects these certification procedures to be completed by the end of 2022.


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