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New book by Bernhard Grob on the world of flexography

Packaging Solutions


Travelling the World for the Printing Industry

By Bernhard Grob

Bernhard Grob has dual Swiss/British nationality, having spent equal number of years in both countries. Having been co-owner and managing director of Edale Ltd, he has spent his entire working life, since moving to the UK in 1987, with the company.

His new book is based on travel journals the author has written over 30 years, visiting 60 countries on all continents. The articles include technical aspects of his business during this time, with the main focus on flexographic printing used by label, packaging and commercial security printers. Further articles cover historical, political, social and cultural aspects, besides personal experiences and memories. The book covers 60 countries in alphabetical order and is written light heartedly for easy reading, aimed at people from the printing industry and friends.

There are also articles written by well known industry figures of the narrow web industry from several countries, to give a wider view on the ‘Golden Years’ of this industry from their individual perspective.

The book itself is well travelled having been designed in collaboration with the typography and graphic communication department of the University of Reading, printed by Xeikon in Belgium and France on the company’s Sirius and CX500 digital presses and, finished by Mueller Martini in Switzerland on its SigmaLine.

The book is not for official sale but those who are interested can receive a copy by making a donation. The donations will be used to support young people within the graphic arts industry, with the department of typography and graphic communication, University of Reading as the main beneficiary.

If you are interested, please contact:


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