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New cast polypropylene film for lamination

Packaging Solutions

Innovia Films latest development is Propacast KF a clear cast polypropylene film that has been specifically designed as a lamination solution for HFFS, VFFS and lidding applications.

Stephen Langstaff, business development manager, packaging at Innovia Films, explained: ‘With the drive towards simplified packaging formats, and the need to develop mono material structures, we developed this cast polypropylene film to act as an inner sealing layer. This low temperature sealing film when laminated to other polypropylene films, such as our Propafilm CHS BOPP film with improved thermal resistance and shrinkage properties, creates an ideal structure for pouches. In the UK, this structure would be recognised by OPRL as fully recyclable.’

Propacast KF is available as a 30, 50 and 70 micron film which has a wide heat seal range. It offers good coefficient of friction and anti-block properties which ensures easy processing on a range of packaging machines. KF has also been corona treated on one side to ensure suitable adhesion during lamination.

Stephen confirmed, ‘This development will enable better recyclable formats to be created, ensuring the circularity of flexible packaging. So far, all the feedback we have received about KF has been very positive.’

Propacast KF as a polyolefin film is fully recyclable, especially in countries which already have the infrastructure to recycle polypropylene films.


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