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New Jet Press Connector app for Enfocus Switch

Print Solutions

The new Fujifilm Jet Press Connector app for Enfocus Switch allows customers to manage printing to the press directly from Enfocus Switch workflows. The app is available now as a free download from the Enfocus Appstore.

The app will allow customers that use Enfocus Switch to further automate their workflow and send print jobs directly to the Jet Press. The app is compatible with all variations of the press including the latest 750S high speed model, capable of printing up to 5400 sheets per hour. Print companies receiving work from various sources, such as web to print, or their own MIS, can channel jobs through Switch to the press to maximise the throughput.

The new app allows printers to configure many of the press’s parameters within the Switch workflow and different sets of parameters can be set depending on the workflow or job type that is printed. The app can also dynamically set the Jet Press parameters by applying scripts within the workflow to translate non specific job instructions (ie ‘B2’ size sheets) into specific parameters to use for printing. Such automation within the workflow increases productivity and reduces the potential for human error.

While Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow was developed as the primary print production workflow for the Jet Press, many printers have developed in-house, vendor neutral workflow systems that manage print production for all their printing equipment, with all suppliers. Enfocus Switch is often used as the base for such workflows.

The Jet Press Connector app can be downloaded from the Enfocus app store at


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