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New portfolio for offset and flexo from Eckart

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A new portfolio for offset and flexo printing from Eckart contains 16 versatile metallic inks.

The new gold and silver metallic inks from the Dual Cure ink series are suitable for all curing processes used by printers in offset or flexo printing. All the new metallic Pantone shades can be used in both UV and energy saving LED curing processes.

All 16 UV-LED products feature improved hazardous substance labelling: without GHS08 hazardous substance symbol. This is becoming increasingly important to users who focus on the protection of their employees.

The new Dual Cure portfolio uses the company’s variety of pigment types (Silverdollar, Cornflake, VMP) to produce a wide range of metallic colours. Depending on the pigment properties, it offers light, fine glossy shades, highly brilliant, strong glossy as well as dark silver shades. The colours are suitable for label and packaging printing and can be applied to a wide variety of substrates including paper, cardboard, metal, foils, packaging materials, but are also suitable for in-mould applications.

The six Metalstar UV/LED FPG metallic shades for offset printing are low migration. This makes them suitable for indirect food contact and typical offset applications such as cans, beverage cartons or chocolate packaging.

Of the ten inks for flexo printing, the four Rotostar UV/LED FPG inks are also suitable for indirect food contact. The inks offer very good brilliance and excellent printability.

The two Ultrastar UV/LED inks are based on VMP pigments and are specially designed as alternatives to metallisation and foil stamping.


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