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New Rippatape Halo for e-commerce packaging

Packaging Solutions

Essentra Tapes has launched its paper based tear tape, Rippatape Halo under its Eco Range of solutions.

This solution seeks to help brands and converters across the globe meet their environmental goals while providing customers with more circular curbside recyclable packaging options.

Rippatape Halo is targeted at the e-commerce market and aims to help packaging manufacturers and brand owners alike as they seek to exceed consumers’ environmental expectations. The new solution is the first paper tape of its kind in the Essentra Tapes’ Eco Range. It is externally certified as recyclable with paper achieving an A+ level via the Italian National Recyclability Standard: UNI 11743 and MC 501: 2017 criteria.

With a tearing performance comparable to Rippatape 60, the Halo product does not compromise on the easy opening credentials of its plastic alternative. The product based on a single ply, specialised coated paper with no plastic films or laminates.

Ian Beresford, head of marketing and development at Essentra Tapes, said: ‘Legislation and consumer passion are driving the industry to seek alternatives to virgin plastics. The introduction of Rippatape Halo to our growing Eco Range proves we are committed to developing our portfolio to respond to evolving sustainability requirements.

‘Thanks to our new and unique tear tape technology, Rippatape Halo offers a circularly recyclable opening solution for paper and board packs, eliminating the plastic film used in standard tear tapes, and focusing on fibre recovery.

‘We have endeavoured to listen to and work with our customers and key e-commerce industry stakeholders to meet and futureproof the sector’s needs, mainly when it is essential to exceed elevated customer expectations.

‘Sustainable packaging designs and materials are a top concern. We will continue to work on developing our Eco Range, finding ways to evolve our products and minimise our environmental impact.’

Rippatape Halo is ideal for opening paper and carton/fibreboard.


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