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New standard adhesive materials for clear-on-clear applications

Packaging Solutions

For consumers, covert labels are an indication of outstanding product quality in the exclusive fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. To enable brand producers to deliver this subtle quality promise, label manufacturers have to process the most advanced clear on clear adhesive materials. Having already established an especially strong reputation with the PP films used in this context, Herma set itself the goal of supplying users with even more compelling, fresh solutions from the new coating plant at its substantially expanded headquarters in Stuttgart.

Herma is now extending its standard assortment of PP adhesive materials by adding two grades characterised by their premium appearance and excellent processability. These attributes arise from the adhesive 62C, which was developed specifically to offer maximum transparency in combination with formidable resistance to turbidity at the label edges in the event of prolonged contact with water. The adhesive materials are joining the ranks of the standard products with perfect attributes for no-label look applications.

Prompt availability is ensured, even for small order quantities. Herma PP transparent tc (grade 885) features the liner Herma PET 565, which has a caliper of a 30 µm; and Herma PP 50 transparent super tc (grade 886) is combined with the 23 µm liner Herma PET 560. The new additions comply with the large majority of processing requirements, including high speed dispensing and elevated die cutting reliability. With regards to label production, the two grades deliver very good print quality with all conventional printing techniques.

Apart from lending the product additional appeal, when applied to transparent packaging the practically invisible adhesive gives the consumer a crystal clear view of its contents. At the same time, it is insensitive to moisture, soaps and oil, for example, and therefore especially suitable for product labels in the food, drink and cosmetic sectors. The adhesive 62C also offers especially good resistance to light, heat and ageing. In labelling applications, it is characterised by favourable flow behaviour and reliable adhesion.

‘High cohesion, coupled with a low creep tendency, contributes to its overall outstanding processability,’ explained Herma sales director Ralf Drache. ‘The high internal force that holds together the adhesive layer effectively averts the nuisance of adhesive bleed. This ensures reliable processing in the production environment, without exposing the user to any compromises as regards initial tack and final adhesion.

‘The two new products extend our standard range in a market segment in which our customers can harness additional potential as long as they have access to an especially reliable and dependable adhesive material. By way of innovative solutions from our new plant we are giving customers every opportunity to reap the rewards.’


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