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New sustainable packaging from Bell for 2023

Packaging Solutions

Following the successful introduction of presentation packaging made using polymers recovered from beaches and riverbanks, Bell has now announced a new grade of PET presentation packaging which contains 100% post consumer waste.

The standard recycled content for our Retran product is 70%. The move to 100% has been a challenge and by being more selective about the consumer waste and using good grade discarded bottles, sandwich and food containers we have achieved an excellent clarity solution.

The new polymer can be used to produce formings, presentation folding boxes as well as the Retran tubing which is widely used to present hardware, DIY and sporting products.

Commenting on the development managing director Peter Lennie stated, ‘Our design team has worked tirelessly through recent months to achieve a 100% recycled product. Rigorous testing has been carried out to ensure the product performs well in the market and we are delighted with the results. To differentiate the 100% from our standard product we have introduced a slight grey tint to the film which adds an attractive feature to the final presentation.’

Samples of Retran 100 are available and Bell welcomes any enquiries.


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