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New twin-drum Cron CTP provides ‘fastest CTP ever’

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Leading CTP manufacturer Cron has launched new CTP systems, which it claims to be the world’s first dual-drum machines, and the fastest in the industry. An innovative design means the new DD858 and DD870 are able to process two plates simultaneously, making them capable of producing up to 70 plates per hour, providing the ultimate in productivity. These innovative new machines are now available in the UK via UK dealer SOS (Service Offset Supplies).

The DD858 and DD870 are compatible with all offset plates including processed, processless, low-chem and chemistry free, in sizes up to 1193 x 940 mm (B1) and down to 450 x 370 mm (B3) with resolutions up to 9600 dpi. Both machines come with a 500 capacity autoloader as standard, but are available from SOS with a 1500capacity loader. SOS CTP Sspecialist Mike Ryan said, ‘It is a niche market but these machines will appeal greatly to any high volume, high speed printer who needs high volume, high speed platemaking to match. It is a reminder that litho is still around and Cron remain at the forefront of innovation.’

Cron has also updated the B1 versions of its popular H+ and G+ series machines, with a restyled appearance, more automation options and a new touch screen interface. The 46H+ has three space saving autoloader options. The current Cron range incorporates some genuinely innovative technology. For example, the laser head transport system employs a frictionless magnetic laser carriage for greater accuracy and reliability, requiring no maintenance – a big improvement on the ‘worm screw’ design found on rival machines. Cron has patented automatic laser focusing, patented internal temperature control, and a patented side gauge system – all of which add up to a reliable plate registration accuracy to within 10 microns.


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