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New videos for Aslan mirror effect film

Wide Format Solutions

Aslan, in association with the WrapInstitute, has produced two new videos available on its YouTube channel. These were made to support distributors in their marketing of the mirror effect films and explain to the end user the application process more fully.

The video ‘Inspirations‘ showcases many ideas, such as where the scratch resistant mirror effect film can be used and why it is so special in brilliance and application.

In the second video, ‘How to use...’ it is expertly explained how to simply apply the MirrorEffect AntiScratch Aslan SE 75. By following these instructions, the double sided mirror effect will be displayed at its absolute best. This video has been produced especially for those applying the film and reveals all the tips and tricks for working with the MirrorEffect AntiScratch Aslan SE 75.

The self-adhesive mirror effect film with its highly brilliant double sided effect and outstanding scratch resistance and durability, is available in silver and gold.


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