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On Global Recycling Day…

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The European consumer packaging perceptions study survey – commissioned by Pro Carton, leading European association for carton and cartonboard manufacturers, and conducted by Perspectus Global – surveyed over 5000 consumers across five European countries, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, to explore their attitudes towards the environment and packaging perceptions.  


The results reveal that climate change (68%), cost of living (66%), and warfare (56%), are the three largest issues affecting European consumers, yet despite these significant global concerns, 56% of UK respondents claimed that a sustainable lifestyle has become ‘more important’ or ‘very much more important’ over the last two years, and that consumers are still taking the time to be considerate towards the environment, such as recycling, with just under half (49%) of those surveyed stating they were now recycling more than they were a year ago.


UK respondents also answered:

65% said they have recycled more of their waste over the last 12 months, followed by reducing water use (49%), and reducing the number of products purchased that are packed in plastic (38%).

 86% feel ‘very confident’ and ‘somewhat confident’ about which packaging materials can be recycled.

77% stated that they would choose products packaged in cardboard/cartonboard over plastic.

When asked about fast food packaging, 74% would prefer to dispose of the packaging for recycling once a meal has been finished, compared to 26% opting to rinse, store, and return reusable plastic packaging to a collection point.


When asked about which packaging materials can be recycled, the survey highlighted that European consumers demonstrate a commendable level of confidence. Some 82% of individuals expressed a sufficient degree of confidence in their ability to discern between recyclable and non recyclable packaging. 





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