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Onevision Software expands connectivity with new version

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The system landscape of print companies is becoming increasingly diverse. A wide variety of systems are used for job and file input, as well as machines for printing, embellishment, and finishing. Seamless integration of these systems is the only way to ensure efficient and cost effective production. OneVision's modular Automation Suites have been expanded to provide even better support for its customers.

After numerous integration modules for production devices such as the Konica Minolta AccurioJet KM-1, Canon Prismasync, Zünd Cut Center and CP Bourg were already added in the last software releases, the current version offers further connections to production and finishing systems.

To ensure that high speed printing systems such as the HP Indigo are constantly utilised to capacity, print jobs must be transmitted to the machine in an error free and automated manner. With the new HP Indigo connection, jobs are sent directly from the OneVision workflow management system to the digital front end; all relevant information is of course included.

For finishing, a connector ensures the automatic handover of folding, substrate and job information to the Horizon SmartStacker. Print companies who use Kongsberg systems can now benefit from automatic preparation of cutting information for Kongsberg cutting systems through a corresponding integration.

With the new version, a powerful tool has also been developed to control file preparation even more dynamically. Time monitoring for sub assembly lines in the workflow now allows jobs to be presorted for time consuming tasks – such as flattening tranparencies at night. Furthermore, functionalities in nesting, tiling and white masks have been optimised.

The latest release of Amendo image enhancement software supports the Heif/Heic image data format. A new built-in colour cast correction feature allows the selection of a target white point, allowing a warmer tone to be set in colour cast corrections in addition to neutral white, if required.

The new software version of OneVision provides print companies once again with valuable tools for a smoother workflow and more economical production.


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