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Paccor simplifies separation and sorting with new Duosmart easy2zip solution

Packaging Solutions

In Paccor's constant quest to find better and better solutions in technology and materials, it is improving its packaging to make it even safer for products, even more practical for the consumer and, above all, in line with the principles of sustainability and the circular economy.

With this in mind, the company has launched the improved DuoSmart easy2zip solution. This type of packaging contains an improved zipper that the end user can easily remove the paper banderole.

‘In this cup, which has been used by our customers for years, paper and plastic are combined in such a way that the best properties of both materials are used to not only keep the contents safe, but also present them perfectly for the consumer,’ underlined Nicolas Lorenz, CCO. ‘Both components of DuoSmart are fully recyclable and can now be separated in one easy movement.’

‘The improved zipper makes it very easy to separate the paper sleeve from the plastic inner cup, which encourages and facilitates sorting and recycling,’ added Yves Caunegre, director group innovation. ‘Paccor goes one step further in terms of environmental protection. The paper banderoles on our cups are applied without glue.’


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