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Packaging with a commitment to sustainability

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In the pharmaceutical industry, the issue of sustainability is increasingly coming into focus, forcing packaging manufacturers to rethink their strategies if they want to offer flexible and environmentally friendly concepts. Faller Packaging is setting a good example here because the secondary packaging specialist offers a broad portfolio of modular folding cartons, laminate free labels and leaflets for bio-pharmaceuticals and sterile products.

For many years now, Faller Packaging has specialised in secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. Sustainability is a top priority at the company.

Thanks to its Eco Flex Box, pharmaceutical manufacturers can quickly adapt their production processes to the lifecycles of their products – with just one package size. Different inserts give the injectable drugs the best possible protection and break resistance against impacts, falls and pressure. The inserts also facilitate flexible and secure packaging of various sterile products on conventional packaging machines.

You can find the new 3D animated film of the Eco Flex Box on the company’s website. Users can click on this film to interactively discover the unique and complex challenges presented by secondary packaging materials. It is an impressive product presentation with interactive videos, exciting 360-degree views and photo galleries to click through. You can also request a sample of the Eco Flex Box.

Faller Packaging’s portfolio also has more sustainable products. For example, the company has developed a multi-page adhesive label for glass, plastic, paper and cardboard containers that dispenses with the usual film lamination. The label is made of paper and can be safely recycled, significantly contributing to more environmentally friendly pharmaceutical packaging.

The company also uses a sustainable approach with leaflets, thanks to a thin printing paper specially developed and optimised for the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This enables it to achieve the same print image as conventional pharmaceutical papers, using up to 20% less ink without compromising opacity or printing and folding properties.

However, sustainability is not only one of Faller Packaging’s central corporate goals at product level, it is also a primary objective in the company’s own production. The manufacturer mainly uses paper and cardboard from sustainable and certified forestry for its packaging, using only colours and varnishes without heavy metal compounds, mineral oils and aromatic solvents to produce its folding cartons, leaflets and labels.

Faller Packaging’s German sites also obtain 100% of their energy from renewable sources – for example, solar power from the company’s roof in Waldkirch. With the Manuvo project in Tanzania, the company supports local smallholders and counteracting climate change through reforestation.


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