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Parkside achieves sustainability milestone with SME Climate Hub pledge

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Parkside has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable operations following its successful pledge to the SME Climate Hub as part of the United Nation’s Race to Zero campaign. In June, the flexible packaging manufacturer completed its first public report, which came with an official badge, after initially pledging to the scheme last year.

Pledging to the SME Climate Hub commitment guarantees a business is actively working to reduce its environmental impact through targeted strategies to lower both direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions up and down the value chain.

In order to fulfill their pledge, businesses must take concrete steps to halve their emissions by 2030 and be net zero by 2050, in line with the UN’s recommended targets. ‘Public pledges like this prove that small to medium sized companies can take real, measurable action in the fight against climate change,’ said Sarah Cadwallader, sustainability coordinator. ‘Sustainability is ingrained in our DNA, and we know how important it is to many of our customers too.

‘Businesses of all sizes can play a huge part in fighting climate change, and we are proud of our team who embody our sustainable values every single day. We have always been committed to helping our customers meet their sustainable packaging goals – and now we have a public pledge to demonstrate our commitment.’

To publicly report its emissions via the SME Climate Hub, a thorough analysis of the company’s daily operations, supply chains, and customer relationships is conducted. Parkside has adapted its business operations to keep emissions to a minimum – for example, holding virtual meetings where possible to reduce transport emissions, and strategically ordering materials to reduce the number of inbound deliveries it receives. It also utilises waste materials for make ready, reclaims the solvent it uses, and constantly innovates to provide new recyclable or compostable packaging solutions for its customers.

‘Sustainability is a process, not a destination, and so there is always more we can do,’ added Sarah. ‘But this pledge proves we are prioritising sustainability and moving in the right direction. Parkside is proud to be a business set for the future.’


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