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PDFMarkz SE, a free update, now supports InDesign 2024

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Markzware has announce the compatibility of its ‘Markz-Line SE’ products with Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress 2024 files on Microsoft Windows platforms. This enhancement enables seamless conversion between InDesign and QuarkXPress documents through user friendly, standalone applications:

OmniMarkz SE 2024 (combination of PDFMarkz SE, QXPMarkz SE, and IDMarkz SE).

PDFMarkz SE 2023 (convert PDF to Adobe InDesign 2024 and lower to CS4, QuarkXPress 2024, Affinity Publisher, and more; now has an application entry in the start menu and creates a desktop shortcut).

QXPMarkz SE 2024 (convert QuarkXPress 2024 to InDesign 2024 and lower to CS4, Affinity Publisher, and older QuarkXPress versions).

IDMarkz SE 2024 (convert InDesign 2024 to Affinity Publisher,

QuarkXPress 2024, and older Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress versions).


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