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Perspex Distribution introduces Perspexre – 100% recycled Perspex acrylic

Wide Format Solutions

Perspex Distribution (PDL) has launched Perspexre, its first range of 100% recycled Perspex cast acrylic sheets. Now available from stock across all five PDL branches, Perspexre meets the growing demand from wide format print and display companies for recycled substrates with a long lifespan.

The product is manufactured using 100% recycled methyl methacrylate (rMMA), obtained from Perspex acrylic sheet and production waste. This waste is depolymerised using various techniques including a distillation process which recovers methyl methacrylate (MMA), turning this waste back into its original monomer regardless of original colour or aesthetic effect.

A range of commonly ordered colours are currently held in stock including clear, opal, dense white and black sheets. As with all Perspex acrylic ranges, a bespoke colour matching service is available enabling customers to order recycled acrylic in any colour.

Marketing manager Luke Martyn commented, ‘We are delighted to launch Perspexre and further increase the availability of recycled products to our customers. There is a strong demand in many sectors to increase their share of recycled products and the introduction of Perspexre further supports this. By using 100% rMMA in the manufacture of these acrylic sheets, a valuable contribution is made to the reduction of waste and C02 as it cuts down on the amount of virgin MMA required. The new product is produced with a 10 year external warranty offering longevity of life and a truly long term sustainable product.’


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