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PressProfiler CIP3 links to both Heidelberg and Komori presses for Baesman Group

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The latest success in the United States for UK based software supplier Prepress UK has been with Ohio based Baesman. The installation of press interface product, PressProfiler CIP3, initially helped the marketing communications group to get the most from its Heidelberg XL105 litho press, and has more recently also enabled the printing team to interface its eight colour Komori 40P to the same system, simply by purchasing an extra license from Prepress UK.

The PressProfiler CIP3 system helps to automate make ready on sheetfed litho presses, saving both time to good copy, as well as paper and consumables, using PressProfiler’s CIP3 ink coverage data, which can provide the link from a pre-press workflow to the presses own system. The software package ensures accurate ink key presetting data for faster press make ready. This, in turn, helps to ensure fewer run up sheets are required and a reduced time before correct colour is achieved on the press.

The fact that just one PressProfiler CIP3 software package can be interfaced to two different brands of press – one German and one Japanese – illustrates just how adaptive, and how affordable, this solution is for printers.

Baesman’s pre-press technical lead, Dave Harkness, commenting on his initial impressions of PressProfiler, said: ‘We liked the ease of use of the system. It certainly appeared capable of driving detailed ink data accurately to the press, which was our main aim.

‘Once installed the software has been accurate and stable. We did need to have some adjustment made to the package regarding our press naming conventions, but this was handled swiftly by the Prepress UK team. The product offers us the ability to shift from one printing unit to another to meet run sequences on demand on a job to job basis.’

Tweaks and adjustments to the software can all be done via the internet, so having a UK based supplier is not an issue at all. ‘Support from Prepress UK has been responsive, timely, and on-point with what we needed to receive for full transparency and functionality with our staff,’ added Dave Harkness.

Adding further comment, Andrew Dawson, vice president of operations, said: ‘The ease of working with this system allows for it to be very quickly picked up by our press operators, and is just another step forward with our focus on driving efficiencies through our workflows and operations. It has to be said, the cost saving was also a nice bonus.’

PressProfiler is a one-time purchase from Prepress UK – the printer then owns the software for life. It comes with one year of remote support and then an optional, low cost, contract is available from year two onwards. In contrast, some press suppliers are now requiring customers who wish to upgrade or connect a new press to purchase their latest CIP3 software with an upfront cost and then on-going monthly subscription.

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