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Price increase announcement for ThermoFlexX products

Packaging Solutions

With material cost having increased by 10 to 20% already in 2021 with no indication for recovery throughout 2022, as well as a shortage of materials, Xsys has announced a price increase.

While some inflationary developments can be absorbed by implementing efficiency improvements as well as qualifying alternative suppliers, extraordinary and persistent inflation levels now leaves the company no other option than to implement a price increase of 10 to 15% across the ThermoFlexx imagers and ThermoFlexx Catena equipment, as well as on spare parts and service agreements.

Friedrich von Rechteren, global commercial vice president, said: ‘We understand that this price increase is adding pressure to the business of our customers during these difficult circumstances, and it has not been an easy choice for us to make. However, to ensure consistent and reliable supply to our customers, we see no other way than passing on some of these costs.’


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