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Pro Carton brings together industry leaders to discuss the importance of ‘Circularity by Design’

Packaging Solutions

Pro Carton, the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers, has released the first of a series of short video interviews with eight influential leaders across the packaging supply chain. The interviews – which feature representatives from leading stakeholders of the cartonboard and carton supply chain – discuss the impact of the recently published 4evergreen Circularity by Design Guideline for fibre based packaging.

The guideline, wholeheartedly endorsed by Pro Carton, was developed by 29 packaging design experts and reviewed by 114 industry leaders from different supply chain stakeholders. It will act as an important reference for the entire supply chain, providing them with clear recommendations on how to facilitate fibre based packaging that embraces recyclability and circularity.

Released over three weeks, the Pro Carton interview series will explore the realities of implementing the guideline, what impact it will have on the industry and how brands, designers and converters can use them in their daily work. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, viewers can ‘tune in’ to the Pro Carton social media channels to find out how the guidelines will help brand owners meet sustainability targets, facilitate the creation and design of new, innovative packaging solutions, and enable cartonboard producers and converters to illustrate how cartonboard can realise the concept of circularity.

The series, which launched on Wednesday 5 April with Jesus Aisa, global research and development sustainability lead, Unilever and Steven Stoffer, group vice president corporate affairs, Smurfit Kappa, is also set to include Tiina Pursula, senior vice president sustainability, division packaging materials, Stora Enso; Mikko Rissanen, director, technology, UPM Specialty; Carsten Busshoff, creative director and head of strategy, MMP Innovation/Pacproject; Tytti Peltonen, vice president corporate affairs, Metsä Group; Kiril Dimitrov, packaging expert, Nestlé; and Andrew Stack, design and strategy, MMP Innovation/Pacproject.

Commenting on the new guideline, Tiina Pursula at Stora Enso and 4evergreen alliance deputy chair, said: ‘As we are aiming towards full circularity, tools like this guideline that have been developed to provide value chain collaboration by 4evergreen are very helpful to us. The guidelines will be considered in all our product development and innovation projects when we are designing products for standard recycling processes, and this then helps our team to take circularity considerations fully into account from the very beginning of the product design phase.’

Winfried Muehling, general manager of Pro Carton, added: ‘It has been an extremely interesting and enjoyable process speaking with all of the guests on our series, as they share their thoughts on the first of the 4evergreen guidelines. We believe it is crucial to support and highlight the potential impact of the guideline however we could. Through the work with our members, we know the benefits offered by cartonboard, and believe that by helping the supply chain transition to fibre based packaging, we can ensure consumers can purchase products with a clear conscience while making sure our environment is better for it too.’

To watch the interviews in full, visit the Pro Carton website here:

To read 4evergreen’s Design by Circularity guideline, click here:


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