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Quark secures ISO 27001 recertification at record pace

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Quark Software has successfully renewed its ISO 27001 ISM certification, ensuring all processes, systems and people across the organisation are adhering to this security standard. The company’s own cloud based content automation platform, Quark Publishing Platform (QPP NextGen) plays a key role in ensuring successful corporate policy management every day and directly contributed to a speedy and accurate audit renewal process. The certificate reinforces a corporate and people commitment to security practices and protocols that keep information assets protected from the most sophisticated threat vectors in today’s AI era.


‘AI has intensified the threat landscape which reinforces why it is so crucial to have modern information security initiatives and practices in place that emphasise a dedication to security for our enterprise customers and across our organisation,’ said Leigh Weston, vice president of risk management and compliance at Quark. ‘Obtaining ISO 27001 recertification not only shows our organisational commitment to protecting sensitive information and complying with industry leading security practices, but also validates that as a company we are executing the right security practices efficiently so we can adapt fast to any emerging threat or vulnerability.’


Receiving ISO 27001 certification, an information security management system (ISMS) standard, ensures Quark has the policies, processes, procedures, systems and people in place to manage information security risks in a structured and systematic way. It also confirms that the company has implemented adequate and proportionate security controls. ‘As part of the certification process, employees were asked about our security policies. It was exciting to hear that our people are motivated, enthusiastic in showing of their areas of responsibility, and truly understand and follow system and process procedures which gave the auditors confidence that our people are living our security processes in real time,’ added Leigh. 


Quark’s security processes are truly embedded within the global organisation. And using content automation tools available within the company’s own enterprise content lifecycle management (ECLM) software QPP NextGen, it was able to update its ISO policies and process the most granular level of audit detail requirements in super fast time.


Key benefits of Quark’s own ECLM use case example include: 

  • Save 25% of time gathering SME input compared to traditional approaches. This included sending out individual components of entire documents for input and review – as opposed to sending the whole document – which included email notification directly from the editing tool.

  • Save 30% of time on merging changes across multiple documents. This encompassed evaluating changes from multiple copies of documents with SME feedback with the power to seamlessly compare changes and versions for 100% accuracy.  

  • Save 40% of time on formatting documents following changes and for different product sets compared to manual approaches.

  • Automate and streamline IT policy creation processes for more than 75 documents. This included sharing published documents across a geographically distributed team of SME’s and management approvers and track use patterns.

  • Replace traditional Word editing and PDF publishing with a sharing approach via Microsoft Teams and SharePoint collaboration tools to streamline workflows and ensure stakeholder input and approvals.





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