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Ranpak expands automated packaging portfolio with launch of Flap’it!

Packing Solutions

Ranpak has announced the global launch of the Flap’it! solution, a highly efficient machine that automates the packing of a variety of small products.

Flap’it! automatically adapts to the height of the item and secures the product in place with inner flaps and integrated cushioning bumpers at the corners. This ensures that products are protected during shipment, significantly reducing costs, damage and product returns. The system is run by a single operator and can easily be moved around the facility; additionally, it includes a number of safety features and has a small physical footprint. Flap’it! can pack up to 540 packages per hour, nine packages per minute – five times faster than manual packing. The machine is integrated with labeling solutions for in line application of shipping labels and because it uses blanks to form the packages, The solution eliminates the need to store multiple box sizes in inventory. Once received, packages are easy for the recipient to open, with no need for knives, scissors, or other tools. Small parcels can be delivered via traditional mail.

‘The global launch of Flap’it! is the latest example of how Ranpak is strategically investing in innovative automated packaging solutions to deliver cost savings, efficiency gains and sustainability benefits to our customers,’ said Omar Asali, chairman and chief executive officer of Ranpak. ‘We are pleased to add Flap’it! to our growing portfolio of sustainable automated packaging solutions to help our customers improve their supply chain performance, lower their labour and materials costs, and reduce their environmental impact.’

Flap’it! easily fits into a typical pick then pack process and can package products with a maximum height of 80 mm. It is easy to use, requires minimal operator training, and can deliver up to 50% cost reduction in packaging material with no corrugated waste. It also offers a higher quality unboxing experience when compared to pillow bags.


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