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Ravensburger chooses Koehler Paper for its new ‘Disney Lorcana’ trading card game

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Family business Ravensburger sells them all over the world and relies on high quality playing cardboard from Koehler Paper for its games, including its new trading card game ‘Disney Lorcana’. The long established Ravensburger brand is connected to family run enterprise Koehler Paper through a partnership of more than 60 years.


Trading card games represent a major segment within the world of playing cards. Card games have been one of the world’s most popular types of games for decades. Even in the current age of digitalisation, their attractiveness on the market shows no signs of abating. Until recently, Ravensburger did not have a foothold in the segment of trading cards. However, in the past year the company has made its move into the trading card games market in conjunction with Disney.


Its new product is ‘Disney Lorcana’, a game that is easy to learn, even for those who are new to trading card games. However, it also meets fans’ highest expectations, not just in terms of the strategic depth, but also regarding the quality of the cards.


‘Quality plays a crucial role in the success of a game. Players have very particular expectations of how a card should look and feel, and how it bends or slides over other cards,’ said Jürgen Leber, sales manager at Koehler Paper.


Koehler Paper’s different playing cardboard qualities set the standards for durability, aesthetics, and the sensory experience when a player touches the cards. The high quality playing card board from the family run business impresses with its ideal processing properties and optimum quality for the most demanding applications.


‘Manufacturers on the trading card market have certain quality benchmarks that we all know. And the benchmark is now being set by playing card board from Koehler,’ said Hanspeter Mürle, CFO of Ravensburger AG.





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