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Roland DG direct to film printer ink receives Eco Passport certification

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Roland DG has announced that the ink and powder for the VersaStudio BN-20D, a compact direct to film (DTF transfer) printer, have acquired Oeko-Tex Eco Passport certification, an international standard that guarantees the safety of textile products.

Eco Passport is an independent certification system for chemicals, colourants and auxiliaries used in the textile industry that verifies that each individual ingredient in chemical products meets the statutory requirements and is not harmful to human health.

The BN-20D is an inkjet printer that can handle not only cotton but also polyester, cotton-polyester, denim, nylon, rayon, and other materials, enabling the production of original t-shirts and sportswear through a simple process.

‘We believe that obtaining such world class certification is very important in order to ensure that clothing is produced safely and can be worn by people of all ages, from adults to infants,’ said Tony Miller, president of Roland DG’s global sales and marketing division. ‘As sustainable development goals and initiatives are increasingly required worldwide, we will continue to actively work on the development of safer and more environmentally friendly digital solutions.’


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