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Second Speedmaster XL 106 to double capacity at Biopax

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Biopax aims to double its printing capacity with a second Speedmaster XL 106. This sustainable carton packaging, paper wraps and self-adhesive labels solutions company is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It has been working primarily in the UK and Irish markets, preparing ‘green’ packaging solutions for the food, beverage and non food sectors.

As part of its strategic growth plans, the company has begun exports into European markets and intends to set up production facilities for sustainable packaging in Europe, India and the People’s Republic of China.

‘The installation of our second Speedmaster XL 106 press is an additional investment made by Biopax to double our upstream printing capacity. This is not a replacement press. It is important for Biopax and for our customers that we can display resilience and contingency within our operational capability. Having two printing presses with equal capability in terms of high quality print, optimum output and reduced set up/downtime will strengthen our contingency in the most complex part of our manufacturing process,’ said Liam O’Connor, sales and marketing director.

He continued, ‘The senior leadership team and operational management team at Biopax have a longstanding relationship with Heidelberg so there is a tried and tested relationship between both parties, and they understand how much value we put into achieving maximum quality and output through our printing process. Heidelberg printing technology has evolved and we can see this brought to life in the latest Speedmaster XL106 model. It is important for Biopax that we are investing in new technology as opposed to investing in secondhand production machinery. We have been delighted with the quality of colour density and print registration we have achieved on our first Speedmaster press over the past two years, so it was important to us that our next investment in printing technology is able to achieve similar levels of excellence.

‘The in-press colour control on the new Speedmaster press is fully integrated within our own colour management system. This helps us to increase our print accuracy versus GMG targets earlier on in the make ready process which also helps us to improve our output and reduce downtime as well as production waste.’


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