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Setting a sustainable fashion trend with Drytac

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Drytac recently worked with a customer to develop a new, sustainable, removable label option to replace an existing PVC based label.

The client, a global brand known around the world, was seeking a more planet friendly label to apply to a wide range of fabrics including denim, khaki, leather, cotton and synthetics. This label included sizing and marketing information about each product and could eventually be removed by the end consumer after they purchased the item.

The customer had previously been using a PVC based solution but was keen to switch to sustainable materials to better reflect its own environmental commitments.

However, sustainability was only one factor for Drytac to consider. The label needed to be removed cleanly and in one piece, with little to no fabric strands being pulled off the garment to avoid damaging the item.

Meanwhile, the labels were to be applied at the garment manufacturer’s factory and transported across oceans in containers over a period of months. As such, the solution needed to be resilient and stand the test of time in these extreme conditions.

Working with the customer, the company was able to deliver the ideal solution. This comprised of a high quality sustainable, non PVC face material coated with removable water based acrylic adhesive – in line with the strict sustainability aims of the project.

As for ensuring performance in extreme conditions, Drytac carried out extensive humidity chamber and age testing. The product then underwent an actual logistics test – passing all performance requirements, proving both its quality and reliability.

The successful solution was able to meet the customer’s desire to provide a non PVC label to assist with their own customer’s global sustainability goals.


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