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Small is beautiful for Beatson Clark’s new seltzer bottle

Packaging Solutions

Beatson Clark has created a 250 ml bottle for the launch of Aupale Grapefruit Seltzer based on the Canadian spirit brand’s unique 750 ml vodka bottle.

Aupale Vodka is a premium spirit distilled seven times using glacier water sourced in the far north of Canada.

The 750 ml bottle takes nature as its inspiration and is decorated to incorporate an intricate and irregular texture reminiscent of a glacier.

The HC Spirits Inc wanted to create a smaller version of the bottle to launch its new Aupale Grapefruit Seltzer and got in touch with Beatson Clark through its distributor TricorBraun.

Beatson Clark designed a smaller but similar bottle with a dimpled texture near the base along with an embossed logo.

‘We were looking for a glass manufacturer that could deliver a high quality product expertly executed,’ said Mathieu Caron, president of The HC Spirits Inc which owns the Aupale Vodka brand.

‘We have a particular bottle for our vodka which can be tricky to make, so we needed a partner that we would feel comfortable moving forward with.

‘The new 250 ml bottle is a bespoke design, a miniature version of our 750 ml non-carbonated Aupale Vodka bottle. It is a similar design and it can withstand pressure so it is suitable for our carbonated Grapefruit Seltzer.’

The HC Spirits Inc worked with Beatson Clark and TricorBraun to build the project from the ground. ‘What that means is that we shared the first ideas with Beatson Clark and it helped design and bring the product to life from an engineering standpoint,’ Mathieu explained.

‘We are very happy with the design and outcome of the bottle. We were looking to create a premium package for a premium recipe and the response from the market has been overwhelmingly positive and therefore we are extremely happy.

‘I would 100% recommend working with Beatson Clark for similar projects. The company was helpful, professional, efficient, flexible and friendly and they've exceeded our expectation with our project!’

Jan-Willem Ridt, export manager at Beatson Clark, said: ‘We were delighted to work with The HC Spirits Inc and Tricorbraun on this opportunity. The project is a perfect example of how are increasingly working with niche spirit brands and it is great for a spirits’ company to be using our standard flint glass which contains over 30% recycled content, which comes from our own on-site recycling plant.’


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