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Smurfit Kappa extends Better Planet Packaging portfolio with innovative new solution for fast food

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Smurfit Kappa has developed a new, entirely sustainable packaging solution for fast food following close collaboration with independent packaging consultant Juozas Baranauskas.

The Twin Kraft Grease Guard MB12 packaging solution, created for Lithuanian fast food restaurant Fresh Post, is part of Smurfit Kappa’s rapidly growing Better Planet Packaging portfolio of products, which offer sustainable alternatives to existing single use plastic solutions.

The new Fresh Post food box is made from Twin Kraft Solid Board, which is a paper based mono-material specifically designed for food packaging. By integrating the company’s MB12 technology, the recyclable material can adsorb mineral oils, keeping food safe whilst simultaneously protecting aroma and taste.

The 100% FSC certified pack is created in an energy efficient manner with significant reduction in both electricity and water compared to the previous solution. What is more, the complete lifecycle of the pack, including the materials’ origins, supply chain and how it is collected at the end of life and recycled to make new packaging, is shown on the Fresh Post website ­– an attractive digital add on to give consumers full transparency.

Commenting on the collaboration, Smurfit Kappa vice president of innovation and development, Arco Berkenbosch, stated: ‘We work with customers of all sizes to help them realise their sustainability goals and present their products in the best and most sustainable way. We were delighted to work with Juozas on the creation of this innovative and sustainable packaging solution for Fresh Post.

‘It is yet another example of a Better Planet Packaging product with the potential to have a transformative effect on a sector. If all takeaway food providers were to switch to a paper based material like Twin Kraft Solid Board, the impact would be significant.’

Inga Tribuišienė, founder and CEO of Fresh Post, said: ‘Today we have everything we wanted – responsibility from suppliers and manufacturers, and complete traceability of the packaging down to the smallest detail.

‘The whole development has even led to a reduction in costs of packaging and the new material will reduce taxes on packaging which are starting this year.’

Consultant Juozas Baranauskas added, ‘I am glad that Fresh Post allowed me to be ambitious in setting goals, researching new solutions and providing a completely transparent and interactive customer experience. Working in close collaboration with Smurfit Kappa to create a more sustainable packaging solution for the Fresh Post healthy meals has been a fantastic experience.’


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