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Solopress announces new website

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Online print company Solopress has implemented a raft of website upgrades that significantly enhance user experience across the site and throughout the ordering process.

Following a period of development and beta testing, the changes have gone live and represent an impressive step up in terms of speed and security, as well as the site’s ability to adapt dynamically to different viewports.

The changes will benefit users in three main areas:

Vastly improved page loading speed and option selection allows for uninterrupted browsing, quicker quotes and faster checkout.

An expanded view allows users with wider screens to browse and compare more products at once, while dynamic pages present viewers with an optimal display, regardless of their device or screen.

Reinforced security measures have future proofed the site so that customers can continue to order from Solopress with absolute confidence.

While extensive, these upgrades stop short of a full website overhaul. Users will find the branding, navigation and interface reassuringly familiar.

Managing director Simon Cooper said, ‘Following a thorough audit of our site’s performance, it was clear that, while an entirely new site wasn’t warranted, there were definite areas where we could improve speed and function.

‘We wanted to keep the popular aspects of the site that work well for our customers but implement improvements under the bonnet that would make user experience faster and smoother, in particular when it comes to selecting product options.

‘This update also presented an opportunity to renew site security and put in a robust position to face challenges in the future.’ The upgraded site is live right now at


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