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Solopress joins the IPIA and the BPMA

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Solopress has announced its membership of two major trade associations: the IPIA and the BPMA.

Solopress has taken full membership with the IPIA as a manufacturer and has high hopes for the relationship. Solopress managing director Simon Cooper said, ‘We see membership of the IPIA as a gateway to some exciting opportunities. We have always appreciated the value of developing relationships within the industry and across related sectors. As IPIA members, we hope to take full advantage of its events, conferences and publications to lift our profile, extend our network and broaden our insight.’

The BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) on the other hand looks after both producers and buyers of promotional products. Solopress has taken accredited membership, entitling it to marketing and recruitment opportunities, business services, networking and consultancy as well as perks closely geared towards manufacturers of merchandise, including discounts on product and compliance testing.

Simon commented, ‘For some time now, Solopress has sought to print beyond paper and large format. Mass customisation of promotional products has become a crucial part of how we position ourselves as a one stop shop for business branding. For example, businesses looking to attend a trade event can rely on Solopress for printed handouts and signage, but also for branded pens, bags and gifts to give away. Accredited membership of the BPMA allows us to show our commitment to this significant part of our catalogue, and to demonstrate our readiness to meet the BPMA’s strict code of conduct.’

These newly announced memberships sit alongside existing relationships with the BPIF (British Print Industries Federation), ISOQAR (for accredited certification in management standards) and Two Sides (the advocacy group concerned with environmental issues in the print industry).


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