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Solopress launches revamped design service

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Solopress has announced a design service that signals a renewed focus on graphic design for the online printer.


The company has redeveloped its graphic design service, now branded ‘Solopress Design,’ to become more accessible and user friendly to customers wishing to outsource their artwork.


The in-house design team is experienced in preparing artwork at the pre-press stage. The business has pulled designers from its own ranks, plus one new hire, to create ‘Solopress Design’ and meet the demand for commercial graphic design.


For customers, putting the design team in charge of designing for print sidesteps many common issues such as those surrounding resolution, bleed area and colour gamut.


However, Solopress Design doesn’t stop there. The service also offers digital asset creation, enabling brands to maintain a cohesive identity across both physical and digital media. For businesses that are rebranding, or starting from scratch, it will even create a logo and brand guidelines.


Solopress Design offers five tiers of service, from minor amendments through to ‘Design Plus’. With this top tier service, a senior designer will help clients with no pre-existing assets to develop artwork from concept through to print.


Each of the 5 tiers features clear guidelines and a pricing structure that manages customer expectations and avoids nasty surprises in terms of costs.


According to senior designer Richard Kemp, ‘Customers who aren’t used to procuring design work are often apprehensive about the process. What assets would they need to provide? How do they brief the job in? Most importantly, will the costs spiral out of control?‘The Solopress design service takes away those worries, with a straightforward briefing process and a transparent pricing structure.’


Customers can learn more about the new service, or submit their own briefs, at



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