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Springfield Solutions chooses Screen L350+ LM to meet growing demand

Label Solutions

Springfield Solutions, a 100% digital UK label specialist, has expanded its capacity with a new Screen L350+ LM – its fifth Screen machine. The company needs the extra capacity to serve growing demand from customers during and after the pandemic.

‘We have seen healthy growth over the past year, printing over 187 million labels in 2020. The pandemic generated accelerated demand from a wide set of companies, such as producers of hand gels and other sanitation products, who needed more labels quickly. This led us to assess how we can continue to grow our output and increase the capacity of our digital print facility. The answer was to purchase the Screen L350+LM,’ said Dennis Ebeltoft, joint managing and operations director.

Springfield Solutions has been 100% digital since 2012. ‘Screen has supported us all the way during our growth in digital printing,’ said Dennis. ‘The machines are reliable and produce excellent results, giving us confidence that we can provide the high quality products our customers need, when they need them.’

In addition to high print quality, the company chose the Truepress Jet L350+ LM for its short lead times, cost effectiveness and wide options for personalisation. Dennis added, ‘In today’s competitive markets, our customers often want to connect with consumers through personalized packaging and, for instance, small seasonally adjusted batches of products. The L350+ LM allows us to provide this effectively. Ordering small print runs when they need them also helps our customers reduce waste. The equipment interfaces seamlessly with our AB Graphic finishing equipment giving us the ability to run in line or off line.’

Springfield Solutions provides services to customers in a wide range of business sectors, from automotive to spirit producers and cosmetics. ‘Being a global print and brand management company, we are constantly looking at ways to innovate across the business, especially with the production of labels. Not only that, as the world continues with its digitisation, Springfield is certainly not afraid to embrace this, hence why the relationship with Screen works so well.’

Pictured: Dennis Ebeltoft, Springfield Solutions’ joint managing and operations director.


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