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Sun Chemical issues latest sustainability report

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Sun Chemical has released its 13th sustainability report, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility in all aspects of its business.

As part of its ongoing process to achieve its targets to reduce CO2 levels by at least 50% by 2030 and becoming net carbon neutral by 2050, the company’s latest sustainability report highlights initiatives and results based on three pillars of its business: operations, products and services, and collaborations. To guide its sustainability practices and roadmaps in each of the three pillars, Sun Chemical follows a strategic framework called the ‘five Rs’— Reuse, Reduce, Renew, Recycle and Redesign—which supports a circular economy and reductions in carbon footprint.

The operations section of the report shows how Sun Chemical’s recent acquisitions and additional manufacturing facilities affected overall energy and water consumption. The data highlights that despite the acquisitions, the quantities of waste incinerated without energy recovery and landfill waste continued to decrease since the last report.

‘Sun Chemical’s ongoing efforts to strive for continuously improving results in waste, water, and energy reduction drive decisions and actions throughout our operations,’ said Gary Andrzejewski, corporate vice president, environmental affairs, Sun Chemical. ‘Our focus on decreasing energy usage, which last year included investing in solar arrays and heat recovery systems, is a key sustainable strategy that is especially important as we integrate acquisitions into our operations.’

The products and services section of the report describes Sun Chemical’s sustainable development process which includes the design of products or processes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to climate change, conserve virgin resources and/or lower the accumulation of waste compared to conventional products or processes they replace.

‘Sustainability is top of mind for many converters and brand owners and they are looking for products that enable them to achieve sustainability goals,’ said Michael Simoni, director, global sustainability. ‘Because Sun Chemical’s sustainability efforts in research and product development are rooted in our ‘5Rs’ framework, we develop a wide variety of biorenewable, compost compliant and recycle friendly product lines across our portfolio.’

Collaborations and partnerships play an essential role in the company’s sustainability efforts, especially in shaping the future of a circular economy and strengthening sustainable value chains. To measure the sustainability performance of its suppliers, it utilises the EcoVadis scoring platform. The report shows that more than 85% of the company’s suppliers that participate in the EcoVadis system have achieved a Corporate Social Responsibility score greater than 45/100, Sun Chemical’s acceptable threshold.

For every sustainability report that is downloaded, Sun Chemical will plant a tree through the established non governmental organisation, One Tree Planted, for every one downloaded. Please visit


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