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Sun Chemical launches ElvaJet Onyx SB

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Sun Chemical has launched ElvaJet Onyx SB, a new sublimation ink for textile printing. ElvaJet Onyx SB addresses market needs by delivering a high performance ink that offers ease of use for wid format textile printers.

The ink is designed to meet the market need for extended print runs between cleaning cycles, while its simple conversion process allows for immediate printing and easy start up before or between print jobs. The advanced formula leads to enhanced print performance ensuring maximum system uptime with little intervention needed. The ink range offers good performance on a full range of transfer papers with superior edge definition and colour transfer, while offering the deepest shade of black. ElvaJet Onyx SB is available in 1kg bottles and 2kg pouches to give printers maximum flexibility in conversion options.

Pete Saunders, global director, digital businesses, commented: ‘With the increasing range of wide format printers available on the market, identifying the most suitable ink solution can be challenging. Sun Chemical has invested extensive research and development into reviewing customer feedback and defining a program of developments to meet the needs of the textile printing market.’


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